June 3, 2024

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You may have noticed in the news last week the uproar that resulted when American Footballer and Super Bowl Champion Harrison Butker gave the commencement address at Benedictine College. The backlash from the left was deafening, yet, on the other hand, he has the full support of his Bishop, James Johnstone, as well as many other American Catholics, including our good friend Father Don Calloway who we brought to speak at our convention in 2011. What this fracas does show us, is how far the satanic anti-God culture has infiltrated western society. Archangel Michael, help us fight this battle.


There is an interesting article from NEWSMAX that I want to share with you now, it spells out an interesting perspective about this matter.






"The Whole Culture Has Rejected Our Biblical Teaching"


The left's reaction to Harrison Butker's commencement speech shows the whole culture has rejected our biblical founding, Jason Whitlock told Newsmax on Friday


During his now-famous commencement speech at Benedictine College, Butker challenged much of the status quo in modern American life. The Kansas City Chiefs kicker encouraged his audience of faithful Catholics to live their faith openly and suggested to the young women in the audience they can value being a wife and mother, with or without a career.


The contempt thrown at Butker is a result of living "in a very secular time," Whitlock lamented.


"We're all out pursuing pleasure, and we're all out adopting identities outside of the image bearer of God," Whitlock told Friday's "Rob Schmitt Tonight". And so, hats off to Harrison Butker for being a Catholic, going to a Catholic college, and asking Catholics to follow their faith when they go out into the world.


"So, I have nothing but respect for Harrison.”


Butker did exactly what faithful Catholics who claim to be Christian should be doing, the host of "Fearless" on Blaze Media said, adding the bitter voices on the left were not his audience.


"He wasn't talking to them," Whitlock continued. "They're secular. They're Marxist. Their beliefs in my view are satanic. He's not asking them to live up to the values that he's asking other Catholics to live up to.


"So this is people sticking their nose in business that is really no concern of theirs."


Whitlock also touched on why religious faith is so important to freedom in America.


"I'm watching people like Bill Maher on 'Real Time' realize like, 'Oh my God, Christian culture serves me better as a comedian than secular culture,'" Whitlock told host Rob Schmitt. "He had more free speech and could crack more jokes in a Christian culture than he can in a secular culture, and that's why he's been so critical of the left in recent years and the woke."


Our culture has not hit rock bottom — yet — according to Whitlock.


"This matriarchal culture that we have, this belief that the patriarchy is bad and male leadership is bad, if we go down this path it's going to get much worse for everybody," he said. "I say this all the time on my show, Rob, that Black Americans, we are the lab rats — for the matriarchy and for the Marxist movement."


Whitlock concluded by praising Butker for trying to warn his audience about the dangers of "matriarchal leadership."


"Thankfully our Founding Fathers, even people like Ben Franklin, who wasn't a traditional Christian at all, but he realized the brilliance of what's in the Bible and those guiding principles and they built that into our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. And it is why this country has been the envy of the world and we're slowly tearing it apart."

CREDIT: NEWSMAX: May 19 2024




Jason Whitlock shows us how far demonic entities, led by Satan, have infiltrated western culture. This is the fundamental problem that creates so many challenges for our young ones, who need a positive anchor to latch on to. When the reality that the dead end road the current culture takes them down is nothing but a dark tunnel, who do they turn to? The reality for many is there is no one to turn to, and sadly for them, they make terrible choices in the absence of Hope. Hence the urgent need for the online facility that is michaelsarrow.com.


My colleague, Bernard Moran has something to share with you also, to conclude our communication with you this week. I encourage you to share this newsletter with your friends so that more people become aware of what we're about. Don't forget to pray to Archangel Michael for all members of this project, so that we develop a powerhouse of prayer and spiritual protection for each other.


"St Michael the Archangel, be with us in the battle, defend and protect our young ones who struggle in the culture, and instil Hope in their hearts to replace the depression and despair that afflict so many"


John Porteous
Custodian of the Michael's Arrow Project




This newsletter by its very nature and the issues or topics we cover, is a mixture of the bad news and the good news.


I’m thinking of the British comedian Lenny Henry’s line: “a guy is lying in hospital and the doctor asks him if he wants the bad news first, or the good news.


“What’s the bad news?”


“You’ve got two weeks to live.”


“Oh, that’s terrible! What’s the good news?”


“The patient in the next bed wants to buy your slippers.”


Which sort of reminds me of my story of bad news and angels.


In 1986, I was driving back to Auckland from Gisborne and going at speed along the stretch of road at Maramarua, near the Bombay Hills.


There was a constant stream of heavy trucks going the other way and suddenly as I rounded a corner, my wheels hit loose metal and the car began to spin completely out of my control. I spun along the road like a spinning top. But here’s the thing. I felt absolutely calm as if the car was being controlled by an invisible presence and there was no traffic. I must have travelled spinning in a straight line for well over a hundred metres and stopped still in the middle of the road. I quickly recovered and pulled over. Suddenly the trucks and cars were roaring past on the other side.


When I got back to Auckland and told my wife Annetta what had happened. She said that shortly before my experience, she had been outside St Mary’s church in Northcote and had felt a compelling need to go inside and pray for my safety on the road.


I am convinced that God sent angels to guard my car, control the spin and ensure a safe gap in the oncoming traffic.


We are living in times where the bad news is all around us and it is easy to succumb to fear and trepidation. But the good news is we have only to pray and the angels and especially St Michael are close at hand to help us.


Bernard Moran
Custodian of the Michael's Arrow Project 
22 May 2024


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